Blake Burner

Martial artist adventurer



  • Can’t Stand the Upper Class
  • Adoptive Homeland (Japan)
  • Out of Touch with Current Events
  • My Brother the War Hero
  • Foe of the Akagaze (Red Wind ninja clan)
  • Seeker of Knowledge
  • Guest star 1 aspect 1
  • Guest star 1 aspect 2
  • Guest star 2 aspect 1
  • Guest star 2 aspect 2


Superb (+5): Fists

Great (+4): Athletics, Rapport

Good (+3): Academics, Resolve, Endurance

Fair (+2): Resources, Might, Empathy, Alertness

Average (+1): Stealth, Weapons, Survival, Science, Art


Languages Spoken: English, Japanese, two others not yet defined

Workspace: Mediocre (+2) Library



Blake Burner was born into a well-to-do family living in Massachusetts. His father, Charles, is a professor of history at Harvard and his mother, Laurie, was a well-regarded actress who retired to raise a family. Blake has one sibling, his older brother Steven. The two brothers were very close growing up, and their complementary skills often helped bail each other out of trouble. Blake made friends easily, though few were very close. Blake graduated high school at sixteen, and was accepted into Harvard the following year, much to his father’s approval. Blake spent the next two years studying in a variety of fields, but never felt like he fit into the stuffy world of academia. After a chance encounter with a wandering Japanese martial artist, Blake began studying the ancient martial arts of the island nation. Soon the study and training of budo engrossed the young man’s spare time, and by the end of his second year at Harvard he had decided his new life’s course was not studying with snooty lecturers and snobbish upper class students, but with ancient masters of esoteric arts. Practically disappearing, Blake dropped everything and chartered a boat to Nippon, where he excelled at the many martial arts practiced there. Blake’s father was furious at him for forsaking his academic education and future career, and his mother was furious at him for traveling halfway around the world without so much as a “goodbye”.

The Great War

It was while Blake was training in Japan that he met his sponsor into the Century Club, the ancient former samurai Musohito Yorinaga. Master Yorinaga trained Blake in unarmed martial arts, but not with the sword as they had been outlawed for half a century. Living in rural Japan during the Great War isolated Blake from much of its effects, though he received occasional letters from his family detailing his brother Steve’s exploits as a Lieutenant, then Captain, in the Army. By the end of the War Steve had been promoted to Major and had received several decorations for valor and bravery.

Novel: Blake Burner and the Emperor’s Sword

Blake Burner’s newly-honed skills in the ancient Oriental martial arts are put to the test when he discovers a secret cabal of Japanese subversives out to assassinate the Emperor! Blake will need to out-fight, out-charm, and out-think these mysterious assassins in order to preserve the Imperial throne and the very stability of his adoptive homeland.

Guest starring in [Ivy’s Novel]

Blake helps Ivy fight off a group of self-styled samurai who are oppressing the members of a village who have befriended the Amazonian girl.

Guest starring in Addie Adler and the Shattered Urn

Blake Burner

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